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How Does a Surge Protector Work

Posted on Apr 6th, 2016 | Topic: Electrician
With technology making tremendous strides over the last few decades, homes, apartment buildings, office complexes, hospitals, factories, warehouses and other environments have seen a proliferation of important and expensive electrical devices and electronic products. End-users in residential homes and apartment buildings rely on an array of devices, from micro-waves and clothes dryers to computers and […] Read More

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Avoiding the Shock: Electrical Safety for Electricians

Posted on Dec 9th, 2015 | Topic: Electrician
As one of the world’s first electricians, Benjamin Franklin discovered two very important things. Electricity can give you a shocking experience. Don’t fly a kite in an electrical storm. In the 200+ years that have followed Franklin’s kite-flying experiment, we’ve learned a great deal about how to use electricity and, importantly, how to handle it […] Read More

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What Changed? A Look at the NEC 2014

Posted on Nov 22nd, 2015 | Topic: Electrician
With every release of a new NEC code book, electricians across the country find themselves faced with a large, unwieldy document that has many wide-ranging implications for their industry and their working life. With the current (2014) edition of the NEC code book coming in at more than 900 pages, having an accessible guide to […] Read More

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