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The Benefits of Completing Your New Jersey Insurance CE Courses Online

It’s a requirement for insurance professionals in New Jersey to complete 24 hours of insurance continuing education courses every two years to maintain their license. The courses can cover various topics related to the insurance industry and benefit insurance professionals career-wise and personally.

What are NJ insurance continuing education courses, and why are they essential for insurance professionals in NJ?

Continuing education courses are important for insurance professionals in New Jersey because they help to keep them up-to-date on the latest changes in the insurance industry. Completing these courses can help insurance professionals stay informed about new products and services and regulation changes. They can also learn about new technologies used in the insurance industry and how to use them best. In addition, continuing education courses can help insurance professionals develop their skills and knowledge. Insurance continuing education courses for New Jersey are offered online and in-person, and they cover a variety of topics, including insurance law, ethics, property and casualty, and more. They are designed to help NJ insurance professionals provide the best possible service to their clients.

The advantages of taking New Jersey insurance continuing education courses online

Online insurance continuing education courses offer a variety of benefits, including convenience and flexibility. You can take them at your own pace and access them from anywhere with an internet connection. Plus, online courses often offer a variety of multimedia components, such as videos, slideshows, and interactive quizzes. This can help you learn the material more effectively and retain the information longer.

How to find the easiest insurance continuing education courses

When looking for insurance continuing education courses, choosing one that's reputable and easy to use is important. The easiest way is to look for courses that a trusted provider offers. So before you sign up for any course, research the provider's reputation and verify that the state approves their courses. Once you've found an insurance continuing education provider in New Jersey, choosing the right course is easy. Just read the course description carefully and choose one that fits your needs. Then register for the course and start learning!

New Jersey insurance courses

New Jersey State Insurance Courses

Auto Insurance - $29.95

  • 24/7 Course Access

  • 10 Credit Hours

Property & Casualty: This course is an overview of automobile insurance. Because automobile insurance is so widely held, the insurance agent often spends a great deal of time and effort selling, servicing, and handling claims for auto insurance. Upon completion of this course, the student should gain a greater understanding of Automobile Insurance.
Course#: 88905015

Ethics For Insurance Professionals - $19.95

  • 24/7 Course Access

  • 4 Credit Hours

Ethics: An insurance company is only as good as the people who work for it. The high quality of a company’s products and services can be attributed to the professionalism of its employees. This course provides insurance providers with a solid understanding of ethics and how they relate to the insurance business practices of today.
Course#: 88905009

Flood Insurance Essentials - $19.95

  • 24/7 Course Access

  • 4 Credit Hours

NFIP Flood: This course is designed to meet the requirements put forth by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) for agents who offer its products and plans. It includes an introduction to flood insurance and the NFIP, the NFIP’s policies and products, the claims handling process, requirements of the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2004, and resources available to agents who sell flood insurance.
Course#: 88905010

Insurance Ethics - $39.95

  • 24/7 Course Access

  • 15 Credit Hours

Ethics: The Insurance Ethics manual will discuss in detail about ethics, personal and business, and likewise how to apply them to every day events. The term, “ethics” is not easy to define but in spite of this, the need for ethical conduct and behavior on the part of the insurance industry is not only expected because of the nature of this business, but some parts are mandated and regulated by both state and federal governments.
Course#: 88905008

Health Insurance - $39.95

  • 24/7 Course Access

  • 15 Credit Hours

Health: The Health Insurance course examines health care issues in the USA today. It outlines the availability and methods or determining the need for and the acquisition of health insurance. It focuses on the importance and availability of health insurance, accident insurance, and supplemental coverage for expenses incurred from injuries that are not covered by most major medical plans.
Course#: 88905070

P & C Basics, Property and Casualty, and Self-Study - $39.95

  • 24/7 Course Access

  • 15 Credit Hours

Property & Casualty: The Property & Casualty Basics manual will cover topics such as principals of insuring property against casualty and which insurance contract will best do that for the risk involve in any particular business. It also will cover all provisions of a Property and Casualty insurance contract and how to define the scope of the policy.
Course#: 88905072

Life Insurance Basics - $39.95

  • 24/7 Course Access

  • 15 Credit Hours

Life: The Life Insurance Basics course addresses the key fundamentals of life insurance with an expanded focus on specific types. We examine with you the features, benefits, and types of Adjustable Life Insurance policies. This course also explores in detail the First-To-Die Life Insurance policies and the individuals for which it is best suited.
Course#: 88905066

New Jersey state

Continuing Education Insurance Requirements

  • NJ - Life & Health/PC Requirements
    Every two years, 24 CE hours are required in total & renews on the last day of the licensee's birth month.
  • NJ - Adjuster Requirements
    Every two years, 15 CE hours are required in total & renews on licensee's birth month.
  • NJ - Limited Lines/Other Requirements
  • What Are The Annuity Requirements For NJ?
    Completing a one-time, 4 hour Best Interest training is required in order to sell annuity products.
  • Are Law Credits Required For NJ ?
    No, law credits are not required.
  • NJ - Long Term Care Requirements
    Completing a one-time, 8 hour Best Interest training is required in order to sell LTC products. A 4hr ongoing training must also be completed every license period.
  • What Are The Ethics Requirements For NJ ?
    Completing 3 hours of ethics training is required, however if you are renewing your license on or after 09/30/2022, 3 hours of ethics training will be required.
  • Are There Any Flood Training Requirements For NJ?
    Yes, completing a one-time, 3 hour NFIP training is required in order to sell flood insurance products.
  • Can Credited Hours Carry Over To The Next Renewal Cycle?
    No, credits cannot be carried forward.
  • What CE Lines Are Required In NJ?
    Licensees may take courses in any line of authority; Producers & Adjusters Classroom or Classroom Equivalent: Minimum 12 CE hours; Limited Lines 5 hours Class Equiv; Medicare 8 then 4 per renewal
  • More Information
    State Website:

New Jersey Insurance Conclusion

Completing your continuing education courses on time is essential if you're an insurance professional. But if you're looking for a more convenient and flexible way to satisfy your requirements, consider taking online courses. So if you're looking for a convenient and flexible way to complete your insurance continuing education requirements, consider taking online NJ insurance continuing education courses with