How Many Continuing Education Hours Are Needed for Cosmetology?

As part as a cosmetology certificate renewal, you may be asked to complete a set number of hours in continuing education. These courses may simply serve as a “refresher” in basic practices like shampooing, hair styling, and tool sanitation, or they may provide updated information on state laws and practices, such as running a cosmetology business or maintaining safety at your work station.

You may be wondering “how many hours of continued education are needed to renew my certificate?” On this page, we’ll examine what each state requires in terms of credit hours and educational requirements to maintain your certification as a licensed cosmetologist. But first, let’s explore why continued education is necessary for cosmetologists.

Why is Continuing Education Necessary?

Cosmetology may not seem like a field that undergoes many changes. Hairstylists, manicurists, and facialists have been practicing much of the same things for dozens of years, right? However, while the practices themselves may not change, the safety standards and laws around your role as a cosmetologist do occasionally update or set new standards. This is why continuing education is so important.

For example, if a cosmetologist is looking to renew a certificate awarded two years ago, a state law with regards to shaving with a safety razor may have been changed. Unless she attended a re-certification class or continued her education, she would be unaware of this update to the law, and would be at risk of a fine if her practice was to be inspected.

Staying up-to-date in the field of cosmetology allows you to maintain safety, sanitation standards and client satisfaction. So now that you know the importance of continuing your education, let’s examine what a cosmetologist must do to renew their certification.

What Does Each State Require for Cosmetology Certificate Renewal?

There is currently no state standard for continuing education and cosmetology certificate renewal. Each state requires different classroom hours and course completions to renew a certificate. Here are a few examples:

  • Texas: Every two years, cosmetologists must file for renewal (fee of $50) and complete a four hour continuing education course.
  • Florida: Every two years, cosmetologists must file for renewal (fee of $55) and complete sixteen hours of continuing education courses.
  • New York: Every four years, cosmetologists must file for renewal (fee of $40). No continuing education is required, but it is recommended.

A majority of states request a biannual recertification and ask for a renewal fee between $40 and $70. Also, many of these states now allow automate license renewal and allow fees to be paid online. However, some states, like Pennsylvania, still request written renewal forms to be mailed.
Although each state requires different classroom hours for renewal – and some states do not require it at all – it is always a good idea for licensed cosmetologists to pursue as much continuing education in their field as possible. This ensures they will be up-to-date on current practices, sanitation laws, and safety requirements, and that they will provide the best service possible to their clients or employer.

Where Can I Find a Detailed List of Requirements for Each State?

To easily find your state’s individual requirements on cosmetology certification renewal, you will need to search online for your state board of cosmetology. These individual boards may be governed by different divisions or state departments. For example, the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling is regulated by the state’s Division of Consumer Affairs, while Maryland’s board is a division of the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations.

Search the Internet for “[state] cosmetology renewal,” and you should be able to quickly find your state’s cosmetology board website, which will include the requirements for renewing your license and continuing your education.

What Happens if My Cosmetology Certification Expires?

Much like the requirements for continuing education, each state has its own set of standards and training requirements for cosmetologists who allow their certification to lapse. Some states may require the cosmetologist to perform the same training as new applicants, while others may simply ask for additional hour or two of continuing education training in the areas of sanitation and healthcare laws.

If your certification expires, it’s important that you immediately take the time to pursue re-certification. If you practice cosmetology without a license, you are at risk at receiving hefty fines from the state. Your employer or cosmetology business is also put at risk by this practice, and multiple violations could even result in closure or a ban on performing cosmetology services.

While it may be tempting to keep working during this time, the certification process for each state only takes a few hours, especially if your renewal is performed online. Online certification through StateCE makes it easy for you to renew your cosmetology certificate quickly and get back to work.

Easily Complete Your Cosmetology CE Requirements Online

If your state requires continuing education for the renewal of your cosmetology certificate, it’s now easier than ever to fulfill these credit hour requirements and return to work.
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