The Importance of Lifelong Learning

If you’re like most adults, you probably believe your learning days are over. Sure, every once in a while you might accomplish something new, but schoolbooks and pencils? They’re in the past. Yet, consider the most successful professionals in your field — chances are, they didn’t start at the top. The moved up the ladder … Read more

How to Stay Organized for Online Study

Even the most dedicated classroom student might find it hard to stay motivated and organized to perform well during online study. After all, there are so many distractions — and no one to monitor your progress. Yet with each passing year, online learning becomes an essential component of degree-seeking students and professionals who need continuing … Read more

Improve the Soft Skills You Need to Succeed

In today’s marketplace, it isn’t enough to be a power Excel user or to have graduated at the top of your class at B-school. While hard skills, such as technical prowess or an award-winning portfolio, are certainly real accomplishments, the bottom line is that the ability to solve problems, communicate, and demonstrate emotional intelligence and … Read more

Why Do I Need Continuing Education?

Let’s imagine you’re in mortgage sales. You sell one product: the 30-year fixed-interest-rate loan. For a while, everything is going great. Before long, you start hearing about new products — interest-only loans, home equity lines of credit, and other mortgage-based programs. Unless you keep up with the pack, your business will suffer simply because you … Read more