Why Do I Need Continuing Education?

Let’s imagine you’re in mortgage sales. You sell one product: the 30-year fixed-interest-rate loan. For a while, everything is going great. Before long, you start hearing about new products — interest-only loans, home equity lines of credit, and other mortgage-based programs. Unless you keep up with the pack, your business will suffer simply because you won’t have the know-how your customers expect and need. You also won’t be aware of any changes in ethics laws and lending regulations, and that could land you in deep trouble.

Continuing education ensures that professionals in selected industries stay abreast and refreshed of the changes and laws affecting their businesses. Continuing education isn’t just a matter of staying alert — it’s a matter of staying afloat.


Meeting State Requirements

If you’re in certain industries, such as insurance, HVAC, or salon services, continuing education may be a requirement. Staying abreast of changes in state regulations and brushing up on ethics rules through timely continuing education ensures you’ll keep your license in order. Consider exploring elective courses, as well. Through continuing education, you can expand your skill set and give your customers greater value.


Improving Saleable Skills

Who doesn’t want to learn new concepts or skills, then apply that knowledge to your profession and resume? With continuing education, you can. Through continuing education, you can network with other professionals and grow your potential for advancement at organizations other than your own. It’s also a great way to explore a career change. Maybe the course boosts your motivation, or maybe it doesn’t — either way, you still have a job.


Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learners are happier and more engaged simply because they’re looking for the next opportunity for enlightenment. Who knows what interesting skills you may learn or how you might apply those skills to your life and profession? You may even discover you have a love of learning, and that is all the motivation you need.