Qualities of a Great Cosmetologist

Over the course of your life, you’ve probably encountered many different kinds of people. From introverts to extroverts and pranksters to individuals who bubble with undying energy, the human race includes all sorts of fascinating individuals. Just as there are many kinds of people, there are almost just as many reasons that motivate … Read more

Current HVAC Technology Trends | 2019

In order to get the most from today’s heating and cooling systems, you need to understand the makings of the latest HVAC technology. As buildings and utilities become more sustainable and environmentally friendly, the HVAC industry has developed new technology to meet these challenges. Some of the developments are complicated while others are … Read more

How the Plumbing Industry Has Changed Over Time

A recent American Community survey revealed that 1.6 million people and 630,000 households in the United States lack full indoor plumbing, meaning they don’t have at least one of the following: a bathtub, shower, toilet or running water. While those numbers may seem startling, the report, entitled “Still Living Without the Basics in the 21st Century,” … Read more

HVAC Safety Guidelines | StateCE

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals enjoy one of the most rewarding of all skilled trade workers.As an HVAC technician, you have a job that requires unique skill sets. You need problem-solving abilities, a cooperative approach while interacting with similar tradespersons and excellent communication skills when interacting with customers. You also require detailed technical … Read more

How to Build a Client Base as an Insurance Agent

When you’re just starting out as an insurance agent, landing your first clients is a daunting task. Without the experience and accomplishments to demonstrate your abilities, how can you inspire potential clients to trust in them? Without connections and referrals, how do you even find potential clients? By presenting yourself well, putting yourself out there … Read more

Staying Safe as a Tow Truck Operator

While many drivers don’t consider tow truck operators as first responders, they’re often among the first to arrive on the scene of a roadway accident. Sometimes, they even arrive before police and medical personnel make it to the location where an accident has occurred. In addition to being first responders to accidents, tow … Read more

Guide to Cosmetology Terminology

Walking into a salon can feel like a foreign country when you’re not current on the lingo. Cosmetologists have a language all their own, filled with the latest buzzwords and classic terminology. When you work in the industry, understanding those terms helps you better perform your job and serve your clients. Brush up … Read more

How Cosmetology Has Changed Over the Years

Appearance and beauty have always been a major aspect of womens’ lives, regardless of the era, century or decade. Changes were slow and less prominent in the earliest centuries, but by the 20th century, trends and styles changed faster and faster from decade to decade. However, the changes in cosmetology, clothing styles, accessories and hair … Read more

Electrician Salary, Demographics, and the Future of the Industry

A vast range of industries need electrical work. While it is not a white-collar trade, an electrician’s salary can ascend the upper five figures. Upon completion of a training program from an electrician trade school, you could earn an electrician apprenticeship and work your way up from there. Electrician jobs are abundant throughout the country, with … Read more

Insurance Broker Versus Insurance Agent

Working in sales is a unique career path for ambitious and persuasive individuals who enjoy helping others. If the potential to protect people against financial devastation is calling your name, plus if you are persistent and have baseline technical knowledge, you may find yourself right at home working in the insurance field. As an insurance … Read more