Qualities of a Great Cosmetologist

Over the course of your life, you’ve probably encountered many different kinds of people. From introverts to extroverts and pranksters to individuals who bubble with undying energy, the human race includes all sorts of fascinating individuals.

Just as there are many kinds of people, there are almost just as many reasons that motivate aspiring hairstylists, makeup artists, estheticians, and manicurists to go to cosmetology school. While people have all sorts of reasons for wanting to attend cosmetology school, successful graduates have some noticeable qualities in common.

Traits You Should Develop to Stand Out

If you’re going to be a cosmetologist, you won’t want to settle for being an average stylist. Instead, you’ll want to be a great cosmetologist — a valued resource clients consult for all of their beauty needs. While acquiring technical skills in cosmetology school will certainly help you achieve this goal, technical abilities aren’t enough to make you a fantastic stylist. To be a great cosmetologist, you’ll need to develop the qualities that make other accomplished professionals stand out in your field.

Here are some of the traits and talents you should develop to become an outstanding cosmetologist:

You’re a Good Listener

Even though many cosmetologists enjoy talking to their clients and coworkers, the best ones are skilled listeners. While you’ll probably have the chance to hear all about the ups and downs in your clients’ lives as you do their hair, nails, or makeup, the most critical time during which you need to listen to your customers is before you even begin your work.

Even though you may be eager to hear how a client’s latest workplace drama played out, your primary obligation is to listen to what your customers expect from their appointments. You should engage your active listening skills to learn what your clients want and repeat what they’ve said to ensure you have a thorough understanding of their expectations and that you can execute their visions.

You’re a Visionary

As a cosmetologist, it’s necessary for you to stay on top of the latest trends and techniques so you can provide the services your clients want. You should also be able to incorporate these new trends and techniques into your clients’ individual style. If your client has no idea what they want to have done, you need to have the skill to create either a modified or a completely new look for them.

Of course, creating a vision isn’t enough. You must also master the skills required to execute your vision to avoid disappointing your customer.

You’re Truthful

In the cosmetology industry, your clients are like your own personal walking billboards. When someone compliments their look, the person will probably ask where they got their hair, nails, or makeup done and request your contact information. For this reason, you must be honest with your clients.

Make sure the service and style your clients request are appropriate for them for more than the short-term. Ensure the look will work at least until they return to your salon for their next appointment. If you don’t think a given style will enhance a client’s look, you need to be truthful and tell them — then suggest an attractive alternative.

Just like you should be upfront with your opinions about the style someone has asked for, you also need to be forthright about your prices, especially if a client is requesting a new service or a more involved appointment. If your customer is asking for more than they usually do or they want to try something entirely different, let them know if their appointment is going to cost more before you begin working on them.

You’re Adaptable

When you deal with the public like cosmetologists do, every day is unpredictable and different from the last. Great cosmetologists are adaptable and they can adjust to changing or unexpected circumstances easily and comfortably.

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