Essential Tools Every Real Estate Agent Should Have


Every real estate agent should have his or her own personal toolkit. This includes technologically advanced tools to speed up their efficiency, effectiveness and customer service abilities. Below are some of the top tools that are available thanks to websites, apps and software. Try adding some to your toolkit to advance your position as a leading realtor in your area.

Online Document Platforms        

Why should you have to spend time driving paperwork to your clients, or asking them to fax papers back to you, when you can have them sign documents online? There are several sites that enable you to pay for the ability to send your real estate clientele papers and get their e-signatures. This cuts down on tons of wasted minutes, and allows you to make sales faster. Plus, home buyers love the ease of use.

Two of the better products on the market right now are Docusign and HelloSign. Ask around your office and find out if other real estate agents are using them, or if they can recommend others.

Virtual Open Houses                                                                                                                  

Home seekers don’t necessarily have the time or the opportunity to attend open houses. This is where virtual open houses can be a huge boost to your bottom line. You can live-stream your open house using apps like Periscope or other web-based solutions. Alternatively, you can use your tablet and take remote clients through a house, showing them whatever they want to see in real-time using Skype, FaceTime or another product.

Home buyers, especially those who grew up using this kind of virtual technology, will be more comfortable than you might expect with having a tour that doesn’t include them coming to the property.

Internet-Based File Storage

Real estate agents are swamped with documents, and they can be tough to keep in one convenient location. That’s where Dropbox and Google Drive come into play. Now, you can feel better about traveling anywhere and always being able to pull up the documents you need without having to sign in to a central database at your real estate agency.

You can also share needed documents with prospects and clients, giving them instant access and enabling you to see a document together, even if you aren’t in the same location.

Task Managers

How are you going to be able to keep all your appointments and active clients straight? The answer is through task managers that have robust abilities, like Evernote. They allow you to input reminders and to-do items, making it less likely that you’ll miss opportunities.

Having a task manager at your fingertips can also help you work with colleagues, such as a program like Basecamp. That way, you and your fellow realtors can stay in touch and service your clientele amazingly well.

By taking advantage of all the technologies that are emerging, you can ensure that you’re always the real estate agent people think of as cutting-edge. Set yourself apart in a competitive industry, and be a great asset to your company and your customers!