How to Protect Yourself If You’re a Radiology Technician


Radiology technicians are welcome professionals in a wide range of medical fields. They are in charge of handling all x-ray equipment and making certain that physicians, veterinarians, dentists and other doctors get superb images of their patients. However, radiology technicians have to protect themselves from harmful radiation while they’re on the job.

If you have been thinking about becoming a radiology technician, keep these tips and hints in mind to stay safe.

Tip #1: Leave the Area When X-Rays Are Being Taken

Have you noticed that most radiology technicians will leave the room during x-rays? They set up the x-ray equipment, and then go behind a wall or screen while the x-rays are being actively taken. This is for their protection and shields them from harmful rays.

Because x-ray technicians may handle dozens of x-rays every day, it is essential to follow this rule of thumb. Even minimal exposure can add up over time and lead to health problems.

Tip #2: Wear Appropriate Equipment

In some cases, radiology technicians may have to be present while x-rays are occurring. The techs are typically given protective equipment, such as face shields and lead aprons. Even if it seems cumbersome to wear this kind of equipment, it’s important to never cut corners.

Just as you wouldn’t dream of putting your patients at risk by not buffering them from over-exposure, you shouldn’t expose yourself.

Tip #3: Keep Records of Your X-Ray Exposure Time

Depending upon your job, it may be required that you track how much time you have been exposed to x-rays. There’s a predefined limit to how much radiation a person is supposed to withstand in a day and lifetime. It may be up to you to keep your own notes on how often you’re using radiation equipment.

Even if your employer does not require that you chart your minutes working with x-rays, it’s a good idea to do it for your own safety and security. If you find that you’re being asked to go above and beyond the acceptable limits, you should talk to your employer about your concerns.

Tip #4: Be Cautious About Conducting X-Rays If You Are Pregnant or May Be Pregnant

If you’re a female radiology tech, you have to be concerned if you might be or are pregnant. It’s important that you do not put your unborn baby at risk. There is no law that says you cannot do your job if you are pregnant. Yet, it may be a danger.

Every woman who is a radiology technician should talk to her employer about this possibility if and when she becomes pregnant.

By protecting yourself from harm, you extend your ability to help other people by working longer at your preferred job. Remember that, because rules and regulations are constantly being updated, it’s critical to stay in-the-know by taking continuing education coursework to improve your abilities and find out how to remain safe.