Why Cosmetology Isn’t Just for Women

Vidal Sassoon. John Frieda. Christophe Robin. What do these men have in common? Their names have become synonymous with the cosmetology industry. They are some of the leaders in their fields, and they may be sources of inspiration for the males who are joining the ranks of cosmetologists across the nation.

Although cosmetology has traditionally been considered a trade best suited for women, that’s no longer the case. In fact, cosmetology schools around the country are reporting a rise in the number of young males who are attracted to this type of work. Each student of cosmetology has his own reasons for becoming a professional stylist and/or make-up artist. Some of the most popular motives include these advantages:

  1. Men are starting to get into self-grooming more and more. This is a trend that we’ve been seeing for years, and it’s not going anywhere but up! Males everywhere are more focused on skincare, healthcare and beauty. When they come into a salon, they may be more comfortable talking to another guy about what to do about frizzy hair, a poor complexion or gray hairs.
  2. The industry is still booming. While other trades may fluctuate, cosmetology seems to have a stronghold and continues to thrive. Even in so-so economies, people still need to get their hair trimmed and colored, and may even be more motivated to get this type of economical pampering. This gives tremendous amounts of job security to male cosmetologists who are willing to work hard.
  3. Cosmetologists get to practice art every day. Certainly, there’s a science to cutting hair and understanding different types of hair types, hair products, and hair dyes and straighteners. But it’s also a recognized art form. For men who have artistic abilities, being cosmetologists allows them to be creative every day.
  4. There’s always something new to learn. Many men have never had the chance to work with long hair, especially if their own hair was never long. Being a cosmetologist is a great opportunity to learn new skills, such as how to do a prom updo or color-treat resistant hair without over-processing it.
  5. They can stand out in a salon. Let’s face it: Being in the minority can often be a good thing! If only one or two men works in a salon, they tend to stand out. This can be good for business, since they are likely to be incredibly memorable.
  6. Men like to forge relationships and work on customer service just like women do. Have you noticed that a lot of cosmetologists have the gift of gab? This isn’t a trait that’s relegated to females. Guys can chat with clients just as well, and many extroverts love the chance to meet new people and have regular discussions about everything under the sun.
  7. It’s a trade they can always fall back on. Believe it or not, some men decide to go to cosmetology school as a fallback career. They expect to start their career path in another industry, but will always be able to do cosmetology on the side. Some even have part-time cosmetology jobs to pay for other schooling, or to provide extra money for the family.

The next time you’re in a salon, look around. See more men than before? It’s a sign of the times … and a great one, at that!