What Goes Into Being a Tow Truck Operator?


When you think of a tow truck operator, you may immediately envision someone who picks up and drops off broken-down cars. Yet, there’s much more to being a great tow truck operator than that. In fact, this type of career has a number of facets that you might not have considered before.

Tow Truck Operators Have to Be Compassionate

Let’s face it: if you need a tow truck operator, you’re in a vulnerable, stressful position. When the tow truck operator arrives, you’re probably at an all-time-high level of anxiety. This means the tow truck driver needs to be able to listen compassionately and provide empathetic feedback. Excellent tow truck drivers know this immediately and are sensitive to the needs of their customers.

Tow Truck Operators Should Be Knowledgeable

Many times, the tow truck operator is asked, “What do you think could be wrong with my car/truck/van?” Although it isn’t up to the tow truck operator to diagnose the problem, he can always give some ideas based on the client’s information on what happened prior to the vehicle ceasing operation.

Having an extensive knowledge base takes time and effort, but it can be extremely helpful. It can also help the conversation flow between the client and the tow truck driver.

Tow Truck Drivers Need to Put Safety First

Tow truck operators make it look easy to put vehicles onto their trucks, but this is a very risky situation. That’s why it’s a “safety first” mentality for all expert tow truck drivers. They have to be able to ask customers to move out of the way, and put everyone’s safety at the forefront. There’s no cutting corners when you’re a tow truck operator.

Tow Truck Drivers Have to Know the Area

Many times, tow truck drivers will be asked to go all around their communities, so they should be well aware of their area. Although GPS is helpful, it can’t always be counted upon for accuracy. Therefore, tow truck operators should make sure they have a deep understanding of the neighborhoods and roads they serve.

Additionally, tow truck drivers should make it a point to stay alerted to any blockades or detours so they don’t take longer than necessary to get to a broken-down vehicle or bring it to a service station.

Tow Truck Operators Must Be Able to Perform Proper Paperwork

Paperwork is needed in this profession, as documentation is essential. Plus, tow truck operators may be expected to examine insurance cards, driver’s licenses, and even credit cards. Having the right tools to complete paperwork can even include technology, such as tablets and smartphones. Today, it’s possible for tow truck operators to be more efficient if they adopt new technologies.

Sound like an exciting way for you to spend your days and perhaps nights? As a tow truck driver, you can depend on having unique experiences every day, and on helping people feel better about their situations. Do your job well, and you’ll be remembered fondly by individuals who were stranded and think of you as their hero!