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Spotlight: Women in the Insurance Industry

Posted on Mar 22nd, 2017 | Topic: Insurance
The insurance industry has traditionally been associated with men, but that’s changed over the past few decades. Now, women are starting to push at the glass ceiling and make in-roads in this lucrative field. Instead of putting their careers on hold, they’re forging ahead and becoming inspirations for their fellow female colleagues. Want some examples? […] Read More

Why Cosmetology Isn’t Just for Women

Posted on Mar 15th, 2017 | Topic: Cosmetology
Vidal Sassoon. John Frieda. Christophe Robin. What do these men have in common? Their names have become synonymous with the cosmetology industry. They are some of the leaders in their fields, and they may be sources of inspiration for the males who are joining the ranks of cosmetologists across the nation. Although cosmetology has traditionally […] Read More

How to Stay Safe as an Electrician

Posted on Mar 8th, 2017 | Topic: Electrician
Safety should always be top-of-mind in any profession, but it’s especially important when you’re an electrician. Electricians regularly work in environments that can be dangerous, which means it’s essential for them to take precautionary measures. If you’re considering becoming an electrician, or are already on the path to being an electrician, take these safety tips […] Read More

How to Hire the Right People for Your Insurance Agency

Posted on Mar 7th, 2017 | Topic: Insurance
Wherever you are in your insurance career, whether you are a single agent hoping to expand or an agency owner will a roomful of employees, hiring the best people is your surest ticket to greater wealth, security, and success. The best agents will find new clients in places you never thought to look. They will […] Read More

How HVAC Can Create Eco-Friendly Upgrades

Posted on Mar 1st, 2017 | Topic: HVAC
One of the biggest complaints among homeowners is that they feel like they spend too much each month on their utility bills. A larger-than-expected bill can lead to the realization that their HVAC equipment simply isn’t running efficiently. It’s a common problem, and one of the reasons why people everywhere are seeking more eco-friendly upgrades […] Read More

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